Mesquite Community Theatre

Mesquite Community Theatre is a non-profit local theater centered in the community of Mesquite, Nevada. Recently renovated and equipped with brand new equipment, lighting, and sound systems, Mesquite Community Theatre delivers exceptional theatrical experiences to our audiences.

Through collaboration with the Virgin Valley Theatre Group, the City of Mesquite, and local volunteers, Mesquite Community Theatre continues to thrive, serving as the local spot for artistic expression and community entertainment in Mesquite.

Virgin Valley Theatre Group

When Ed MacKenzie came to Mesquite he quickly became involved with the Arts Community and joined the Mesquite Arts Council Board in 1999. One of the first things he asked was if there was a community theatre group. When he heard there wasn’t, he took that as a challenge. He managed to gather 8 other people who were willing to be on the new Board.

They created by-laws based on his previous association with another theatre group, a group charter, and submitted the paper work to become a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. On April 1, 2002, the Virgin Valley Theatre Group was born. Currently, they manage the local theater and put on four productions of their own every year.

The Mesquite Community Theatre and the Virgin Valley Theatre Group is the premier home for diverse performing arts and education. From collaborating with artists, organizations, schools, and the community, we encourage the creation, appreciation, and understanding of the arts. We seek to nurture a vibrant arts community, foster artistic excellence, and bring people together for powerful, shared experiences that inspires creativity.