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Mesquite Community Theatre, a non-profit in Mesquite, Nevada, is dedicated to fostering creativity and providing entertainment for the community. The theater offers a diverse range of productions, from classic plays to contemporary shows and musicals. Supported by passionate volunteers and the Virgin Valley Theatre Group, it provides a platform for local talent to shine while attracting audiences from near and far. Join us today!

Box Office (702) 345-4499

Call for Auditions!

We are seeking dynamic and passionate actors for our upcoming productions! Whether you’re an experienced performer or fresh new talent, we want to see what you’ve got.

Poe’s Midnight Dreary

08/19/2024 – 08/20/2024

Mesquite Community Variety Show “White Christmas”

9/17/2024 - 9/18/2024 (4-6pm)
10/14/2024 – 10/15/2024 (4-6pm)

Anne of Green Gables

12/02/2024 – 12/03/2024 (4–7pm)

Please send inquiries to auditions@mctnv.com

*Youths and adults of all ages are welcomed.

Current Productions

Summer Youth Theatre

Our Summer Youth Theatre program is a dynamic blend of acting, singing, and dancing, designed to nurture talent and build confidence in young performers. Whether you’re a seasoned star or just discovering your love for the stage, our expert coaches will guide you through a journey of self-expression and teamwork.

Virgin Valley Theatre Group

Together with the Virgin Valley Theatre Group, we bring to life four vibrant productions each year, managed and performed by passionate members of our community. Since its founding in 2002, the Virgin Valley Theatre Group has played a pivotal role in fostering a thriving arts scene in Mesquite. Their commitment to excellence and community engagement continues to inspire and shape the future of our theater.

Power of Community

Our mission is to enrich the lives of our neighbors through accessible and inclusive performing arts. Whether you’re attending a show or volunteering behind the scenes, you’ll find a welcoming space where everyone can connect, create, and celebrate the magic of live performance. Our community-led productions are a testament to the collaborative spirit that defines our theater, ensuring that every voice is heard and every talent is showcased.

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Join us at Mesquite Community Theatre for an unforgettable journey through the performing arts. Here, we nurture creativity, encourage artistic expression, and bring people together for shared experiences that resonate long after the curtain falls. Get your tickets today!